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About Indiana Dog Fence

Indiana Dog Fence's goal is to offer our customers pet friendly products, training and support to achieve the highest standards in the pet fence industry. It is our belief that Pet Stop is becoming the standard in the Pet containment industry and the Indiana market amongst all pet professionals.

As an Angie's List Super service Award winner of the past 7 years, it is always our top priority to provide the best customer service in the industry.

Indiana Dog Fence Owner, Bob Swarm

Bob Swarm, owner of Indiana Dog Fence has been servicing and installing pet fencing solutions since 2003. His product knowledge, installation skills and professional dog training skills ensure the highest success rate for your pets.

Bob's focus is to provide his customers with only the highest quality products, using top of the line equipment providing a permanent pet solution for owners and their pets.

How it all began; After 25 years in the remodeling industry, Bob took a sales job with Pet Stop of Central Indiana, LLC. in August of 2003. It was shortly thereafter that he realized the truth in a saying he had heard many times in the past, 'if you have a job you truly enjoy, then you'll never really have to work'. His love for dogs and passion for the business took him from Salesman to Sales Manager then in 2006 he became General Manager. While continuing to run the sales calls and oversee the everyday running of the business.

2009 brought great things to the dealership as he was given the opportunity to purchase the company. This was a dream come true for Bob. The Canine Safety Corporation was then formed dba: Indiana Dog Fence.

An office was built on the Southeast side of Indianapolis to help better service our customers.  This allowed us to take our customer service to a new level.

Indiana Dog Fence Employee, Bandit

Hello - My name is Bandit and I have been a Pet Stop employee for just over two years now.

I was first introduced to the Pet Stop fence system shortly after I turned 6 months old. At that time,  I had different owners. They decided they needed a way to keep me safe in my yard so they called  my dad, Pet Stop owner to come out to give them a free estimate.

They had a few companies out for estimates but thankfully they let me make the final decision. I  was glad about that because I could tell by reading the literature and looking at the website that  Pet Stop was the most advanced and pet friendly system available. I learned the system very fast,  as we Jack Russells are very smart, and was free to roam in my yard.

Shortly after I turned 2 years old, my former owners gave me to dad. I won’t get into the reasoning  for that, as it is a long story. However, I want everyone to know that I am very happy and I spend  most of my days traveling with dad on sales calls and training sessions.

Sometimes I have to help dad coax dogs into the signal field of the Pet Stop boundary. I felt guilty about it at first because I thought that I was betraying my fellow canines. Dad explained to me that I was doing a great service by helping to teach them the boundaries and how to play safely in their own yards.

I hope you give us a call and let us tell you how we can help keep your dogs safe and happy in your yard like Pet Stop did for me.

Having trained over 3500 dogs to the Pet Stop pet fence system, Bob can say with pride that we have better than a 99.7% successful containment rate. This is better than any other long term dog fence company.

Pet Stop® Pet Fence Systems are truly
'The Best Fence You'll Never See'