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Thanks for keeping "Slugger" inside our yard. The Pet Stop brand is definitely superior to our previous brand.

Jim R.

Electric Pet Fence Training - Gentle and Pet-Friendly

Once your new electric pet fence is installed, it's important that your pet receive the proper training. As your local pet fencing experts, the professionals at Indiana Dog Fence are here to help your pets become gently adjusted and recognize their new fence boundaries - and we do this without the use of painful electric shocks or traumatizing your pet! 

All pets are unique and have their own individual personalities - this means that every pet has different needs and a different learning curve when it comes to learning their new boundaries. Generally, most dogs are trained to the fence within a couple of weeks, but we'd be happy to drive out and provide additional training sessions if your pet requires them. The safety and security of your pet is our #1 priority!

Our fence training method is so effective, most dogs will only experience a correction or two before learning to quickly respond to the warning signal.

Training for Puppies, Shy Dogs, & Rescue Dogs

We want your pets to be comfortable with their new fences. Pet Stop® designed the UltraElite series 2 receiver and transmitter with puppies, rescue dogs, and timid dogs in mind. The technology of the series 2 combined with our revolutionary training method, GentleSteps™ makes training your pet to their new electric fence easy and hassle-free. It even puts the power in your hands - highly customizable and user-friendly, you can manually set the training levels as your dog progresses.

The trained professionals at Indiana Dog Fence will guide you through the training process to ensure that you'll know everything you need to know to provide followup training after your fence is installed and the initial training completed. We'll also provide you with a training manual and owners manual so you'll know the principals and methods involved to provide continued reinforcement training.