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Bob, Thanks again for taking such good care of us! We appreciate all that you do to keep our dogs in the yard and safe.

Gina B.

Pet Stop Pet Containment Products

Pet Stop®  offers a wide range of Custom and Unique Patent Features.

jack russell terrier
  • The UltraElite® receiver is the smallest & lightest in the industry, weighing 1.3 oz. perfect for small dogs, rescue dogs and puppies.
  • The UltraMax®  receiver was designed specifically for the stubborn or more determined dog in mind.
  • ComfortContacts®: 
    Patent soft rubber collar probes will touch your pet's neck.
  • Progressive levels of correction:
    Mild increases in level of correction.
  • Safety Shut off
    Prevents false shock. Our technology will recognize if your pet were to ever get stuck in a zone.
  • Wide Range of Set Backs
    Only the Pet Stop® brand Transmiter offers a multiple range of setbacks.
    We can have a set back as low as 6 inches from the perimter as far away as 16 feet.

Electric Pet Fence Transmitters

OT-200 Outdoor Transmitter
Our customizable dog fence can be designed with diverse zones and settings, and is buried out of sight to maintain the beauty of your property.


OT-300 Outdoor Transmitter


Indoor Transmitter
Not just for outdoor containment, our technology can easily keep Kitty off the kitchen counter, or Fido out of the litter box. Choose a wireless or custom-wired system.


Electric Pet Fencing Receiver Collars

UltraElite Collar Receiver
Our UltraElite Collar weighs 1.3 oz. and is the smallest and lightest on the market. Each receiver can be individually programmed to meet the specific personality of your pet. The UltraElite receiver can be programmed to work on most Pet Containment transmitters.


UltraMax Collar Receiver
Designed specifically for the stubborn or more determined dog. Utilizing a highly efficient circuit, the UltraMax features a host of settings, including an adjustable correction that is the most effective in the business in keeping your pets safe and secure.