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My experience with Bob Swarm and Indiana Dog Fence has been great on two fronts: First, their systems work and do so at a most reasonable price. Second, they are great to work with- responsive, prompt and pleasant.

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Plexidor® Pet Doors - Installed by Indiana Dog Fence

Is your current Pet Door drafty or unsightly? Are you tired of replacing mudflaps? Have you heard that pet doors make your  energy bills skyrocket? If so, then Plexidor Pet Doors are your answer. These energy efficient pet doors will pay for themselves when compared to the poor quality “mudflap” style doors.

These aren't your father's pet doors!

At Indiana Dog Fence, we strive to offer our customers the absolute  best quality products on the market. As with our Line of Pet Stop  products, you will find that the Plexidor brand of Pet Doors are second  to none. Most people are only familiar with the cheap quality “mudflap”  style of pet doors that are typically offered at well known retail outlets and lesser quality pet containment companies. You will be amazed at the engineering accomplishments of the Plexidor line.

With anodized aluminum frames, the finest quality weatherseal and shatter resistant composite doorpanels, these “saloon style” Pet Doors are sure to impress.

Our doors can be installed in doors, walls and glass. We can go through brick exteriors also. With over 25 years in the remodeling industry, Indiana Dog Fence and Pet Doors are well equipped to handle any installation.


Electronic Plexidor® Pet Doors - Added Security

If you want to eliminate the possibility of wildlife or other dogs from entering your home, you need to check out the new Plexidor Electronic Pet Door. This sweetheart is a big hit at the shows. Your pet will wear a special collar or have a collar key (micro rfid chip)that can hang from their existing collar.

When your pet approaches the electronic door, it will open on its own. The time period for which the door stays open, before closing on its own, can be set by the homeowner in 3 second increments, for up to 21 seconds.


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