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Thanks for keeping "Slugger" inside our yard. The Pet Stop brand is definitely superior to our previous brand.

Jim R.

Electric Pet Fences Installed by Local Pet Experts

Keeping your dog happy and safe is what Indiana Dog Fences does best! 
With over 7 years experience, we have the skills and the technology to create the best possible  containment fence for your dog. 

Our technology is the most advanced, most humane dog containment fence on the market.

A bold but true statement straight from our Founder; Robert Slattery

'If you can find a more advance pet containment system than Pet  Stop®,
we will buy it for you.'

All dogs are unique, just like their owners. As your local pet fencing experts, we understand that everyone has different needs when it comes to pet containment. Give us a call today - we'd love to come out and evaluate your dog, listen to your needs and give you recommendations for a dog fence. We guarantee we'll create an customized electronic pet fencing system that you'll be satisfied with! 

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How Our Electric Pet Fences Work

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